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The LARIMAR, a very rare gem, is from the silicate quartz family. This « Blue pectolite », green or grey, is exclusively found in the Dominican Republic, in the South-Ouest of Saint Domingue (the capital), in the province of Barahona. And more precisely you can encounter the stone in the mountains of the village « Los Chupaderos », a few miles away from the city of Bahoruco. This is the reason why the larimar is a unique and valued stone. Its hardness is ranked above 5 on the Mohs scale. The blue pectolite is present in the basalts cavities. Today, it has to be dug out from over 80 meters under earth. Its composition: Na Ca 2Si 3O 8OH Density: 1.59 - 1.63 depending on the presence of calcite or natrolite Includes : hématite (dentrite feathers), natrolite (long crystals), calcite (veins), chalcocite (black crystals).

Discovery of the Larimar


In 1916, a Dominican priest, Miguel Domingo Fuertes de Loren, asks the government permission to explore a mine he had discovered, which contained a peculiar blue rock, but his demand was brushed aside. Thus, the larimar deposit was only truly discovered some decades later, in 1974, by a delegation led by the Dominican doctor Miguel Mendez and a member of the Peace Corps (an dependent american agency, created in 1961, whose mission is to defend peace and friendship around the world - especially regarding the third-world countries). The mine was first exploited in 1976 by the local population.

Indeed, the Dominicans had noticed a light blue shade at the bottom of a river that empties into the Caribbean Sea. By going against the flow, they discovered the mine upstream, at the top of a mountain. The natives believed the stone came from the sea, thus naming it the « blue stone ». The doctor Miguel Méndez, by associating his daughter’s name (LARIssa) and the spanish word for « sea » (MAR), came up with the name Larimar. In 1979 the stone was classified « semi-precious stone » and is today depicted as a « fine stone ». Being blessed with a great rareness but also a unique color and a delicate transparence to light, the Larimar is used to create exceptional jewelry.

Well-being and lithotherapy

This mineral has a reconstructing effect on the human body. Its soft vibration is energizing and harmonious, and the stone triggers vital points and self-recovery. It stabilizes the nervous system, brings joy and fights off fears and feelings of guilt. The corresponding chakra is the fifth, linked to the throat, represented by the color blue. Many therapeutists, such as plantar reflexologists, use the stone for specific acupuncture. The solar plexus can be stimulated by the Larimar, bringing love and serenity. The stone is often associated to other gems (rock crystal, turquoise, chalcedony..) for more feelings of well-being. « Lolithotherapeutists » recommend to wear the stone around the neck, or simply « the closest possible to the body », preferably in the left pocket to generate positive energies and help relieve stress and tension. The Larimar is your typical well-being stone !  

It has been said that it eases women while they give birth. A very soft stone, it brings calmness and steadiness.

The larimar is purified with water : Bathe the stone under cold running water, and leave it regenerate in the sun, preferably the raising sun, moment of the day when solar energy transfers the most dynamic energies.

The legend

Edgar Cayce (1877-1945), is sometimes considered to be a « sleeping prophet » and one of the most mystical in the United States. During some « readings », he fell into a trance state through hypnosis, and answered questions which were individual-related. At first, the readings evoked physical health. Then Cayce’s advices diversified and mentioned previous lives, dream interpretations, psychic phenomenons, mental health, meditation and prayer, spiritual development, but also trade and Atlantis. Indeed, the prophet claimed the existence of the island, supposedly a vaste continent with highly advanced technology, and whose refugees then populated Ancient Egypt and precolombian regions of America. Cayce’s description of Atlantis greatly ressembles that of Ignatius Donnelly. According to the former, the island’s society was divided into two political factions, both granted with a long existence. The « good » faction was named « The sons of the law of the One » while the second faction, the « bad » went by the name « The sons of Belial ». Many living people today, would be the reincarnations of these previous souls, and thus face the same tensions than their ancestors.

Zodiac Larimar and silver pendant

Cayce had also announced the arrival of a certain « blue stone » from Atlantis, to be found on an « island of the Caribbean » and own the power to heal. And effectively, in 1974 a blue volcanic petrolite, known under the name of « Larimar », was discovered in the Dominican Republic. In 2009, there existed several dozens of Cayce devotees. Most of them live in the United States and Canada, but his followers are dispersed all over the world. (Over 25 countries). The ARE (Association for Research and Enlightenment), based in Virginia Beach is the most prominent organization in the promotion of Cayce’s works, and preserves all the readings. Contents submitted to the CC-BY-SA license. Source : Edgar Cayce's Wikipedia article (french and translated) (authors)

The unique blue of Larimar

LARIMAR "AAA" according to Blue Stone