1 Story...1 Jewel

Blue stone is a French firm, from the region of Toulouse, which was created by two singular

Florence PERISSINOTTO  – Creative Director.
With a sculptor father, trained in Carrare in Italy, and a mother teacher and painter, it seems natural that Florence’s destiny was set on the creative path.
Florence has traveled the world, searching for new encounters, emotions, sceneries and unique
moments. In Africa firstly, she captured the warmth of the relationships she established and the views that surrounded her. Then in the Caribbean, Florence’s desire to create was triggered by the discovery of the Larimar, a fine stone with unique blue shades, found exclusively in the Dominican Republic.
From this story her creations are born. Delicate and meaningful jewels, which tastefully associate silver, leather, wood, cultured pearls and precious stones.
Florence designs with her wide range of emotions, generating a perfect equilibrium between the material and the color.
With Lionel CORVISIER, former commercial team manager for multinationals and creator of a wide
variety of companies in many countries, Florence created Blue Stone International.

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